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Did Salanave Heir Embezzle From His Mother's Estate? (Lot #79, Mill Creek, CA 96061)

Previously, I have written to publicly address concerns I have regarding the way my older brother handled his duties, as conservator to my mother.

For example, during the last five years of her life, Tom concealed our mother's whereabouts from the other members of the family. 'Nuff said.

In previous articles I have discussed Tom's own history of petty criminality, and his role in helping our mother conceal her own role in our grandmother's death, the disappearance of my grandmother's will, the empty safe that was my grandmother's sole legacy, my family's eviction, and, ultimately, my disinheritance.

I've alluded to another part of the story, discussing the house in Mill Creek. This is it.

In the late 1970s our mother and stepfather bought a large, well-built cabin in Mill Creek, California, as a vacation home, and as a place for Leon Salanave to carry out the sort of professional astronomical observations that he could not do in the San Francisco Bay Area, due to light pollution, as well as fog.

Based on information and belief, in the early 1990s Penny, as an act of aggression, sold the cabin in Mill Creek out from under Leon, against his protests. It emerged, if I recall correctly, that Penny, in an act of Machiavellian conduct, had registered the property as her property, and not joint property, and so Leon had no say in the sale of his own home.

Based upon information and belief, Penny did not need the money; she wanted a divorce so that she could marry another man, who had promised to will her his fortune if she would marry him.

I helped Leon and Penny empty the cabin. So did Tom.

I did not know these intimate details at that time. As a UNIX systems and network administrator I was kept pretty busy, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and didn't have a lot of time or attention left over for family politics.

However, Tom, as Penny's first child, and her trusted intimate, may well have known more than I did.

So now you know why Leon Salanave may have walked into traffic and committed suicide, in January, 1993.

Penny (and, perhaps, Tom) concealed this from the court, of course, and the poor Mr. Wong who had been driving the vehicle that struck Leon had no idea that he was being set up. If I were Mr. Wong I would ask for a retrial.

So perhaps you can imagine my puzzlement when, one day, I was over at the family home, and the phone rang, and I picked it up, and found myself talking to the new owner of Lot #79, Mill Creek, California.

He was very angry. He wanted to speak to my mother. About the plumbing.

I identified myself and offered to take a message. I asked a few questions. As I recall, he was a recent graduate of CSU Chico and he and his wife had bought the house and moved into it with their child. And, the toilet wasn't working.

I'm a terrible liar. I guess that's why I'm not in management. I'm an engineer. I fix things so they work. Lying about the cause of the problem only delays finding the solution. As a matter of policy, I do not lie, so I do not have to remember what I said, to whom, and what I must not say, to whom. I probably miss out on a lot of coke, and whores, but on the other hand, I don't bring herpes home, either.

So I told this gentleman that my stepfather had struggled with the same problem. I'm not sure what the problem was, exactly - something about the flow to the septic tank.

In retrospect, I'm sorry I didn't try to be more helpful to Leon, when he was trying to repair it - I might have learned a lot about plumbing. But I think it might have been something fundamental, such as a lack of adequate drop between the house, and the septic system, which might require major engineering to correct and which wasn't something I could do, while on a weekend visit.

The owner of the house, somewhat calmed by having encountered someone who wanted to be of service, left his contact information, and I passed it on to Penny.

At the time, I think I was struggling with PTSD - as a result of my own termination, at Oracle Corporation, which had happened just a few days after we buried Leon, and the simultaneous breakup of a ten-year-long relationship with my significant other.

I was also in communication with my grandparents, on the East Coast, and that was also commanding a lot of my free thinking time and attention.

I think I may have also become a court-appointed foster parent for the City & County of San Francisco, by this time, as well.

And so I did not pursue any inquiries regarding the Mill Creek home ... reasoning, that if there was anything more that I needed to know, that I would learn it in due course.

At the time I wondered if it was an honest error perpetuated by my mother's ignorance, or not. I had my suspicions, because I was pretty sure my mother had known about that defect in the property - and so I began to wonder if my mother was the sort of cheap fuck who would actually, deliberately conceal a defect in the property, and shuffle it off upon a small family - that is, this was my first clue that my mother was a criminal.

What's that? Real estate professionals do it all the time? I don't doubt it a bit. Some people call that "criminal sophistication". Maybe we should try calling it what it is, and quit admiring people who get away with it, as successful. They're successful criminals - that's all. REAL professionals tell the truth. I've met some. I know.

(Read all about Oracle Corporation's approach to managing their troubled, grieving employees, here:

Fast-forward to October, 2015, when my mother dies, and the papers provided to me as a disinherited-but-trusted trustee to four minor children reveal that Penny still owned a house in Mill Creek.

(That disinherited-but-trusted trustee nonsense can be laid, in part, at the door of M. Franklin Parrish, the executor ... part, at the door of Thomas Childers, conservator ... but most of the blame goes to Mechanics' Bank, whose Wealth Management services are, I suspect, based ENTIRELY upon administering trusts. They are the EXPERTS. When I protested about this irregularity, Mechanics Bank responded by depositing my children's inheritances in bank accounts and abandoning my children, as customers. From which I infer, Mechanics' Bank is more tolerant of irregularities bordering upon criminality, than they are, of criticism.)

Lacking more detailed information it would seem that the buyer sued Penny and that the settlement involved Penny returning the money, plus costs and damages, to the, now former, owner of the Mill Creek property.

So ... what's the property been doing, between, say, 2000 and 2015?


My read is that Tom turned it into his private retreat, invited people up there, and told them it was his.

In so doing he concealed the existence and ownership of the asset from the other heirs and misappropriated the asset for his own personal use.

(If you ask Tom, he'll tell you it IS his property. And, it is - NOW. He just bought it. From the trust. With my portion of the inheritance. But we're not talking about NOW. We're talking about THEN.)

Is that embezzlement? I'm not sure. Embezzlement is stealing from a business. Or is it? My research suggests that any unfulfilled commitment with fiscal consequences to the benefit of a trusted party is, in some form, a 'bezzle' - that is to say, it is a violation of a trust.

What do you call it when you steal from your own dying mother and your own homeless nieces, who are living in an apartment infested with bedbugs, hundreds of miles from the San Francisco Bay Area that they can no longer afford to live and work in?

Did someone say "larceny"? I think maybe that's a good place to start, while we quibble about 'bezzle'.

Tom Childers is a larcenous son of a bitch ... and, unfortunately, I can defend every damned syllable of that statement.

I think we found our 'bezzle'.

More information on bezzles:

Shown, above: Thomas Childers claiming he was helping his niece move - when, in fact, his niece was living three hundred miles away, in desperate poverty.

None of us had seen Thomas since late 1993 - which is probably why Tom didn't know his niece had sisters.

If the image is being blurred (by the lackeys at Craigslist, not me), then you can see the original at . It's not a secret!
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