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8 AM - 8 PM

Driveway sale format
While supplies last
Photos taken 5/5/24 - will be 2 weeks larger at time of sale

172 E Crowley Street, Idaho Falls, ID
2 zero 8 - four O 3 - eight 4 3 Two
Any questions? Text messages welcome.

Here is this year’s list of available tomatoes! Some varieties are in limited supply. First come, first served. Come early for best selection! Descriptions are from seed source and/or our personal growing experience and opinion.

We offer many unusual and unique varieties, productive varieties, heirlooms, hybrids, slicers, paste, cherry and salad types in an array of colors - red, yellow, pink, green, brown, mahogany, orange and a few bi-colors. We take pride in our vibrant and healthy tomato plants and nurture them for you for almost two months from seed to sale. We grow them naturally with no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We want you to have success in growing them too and are glad to share advice. We love talking tomatoes! Feel free to contact us via text message if you have any questions and we will respond asap! We can be reached at 2 zero 8 - Four O 3 - 8 Four three 2.

Here is some information that may be helpful to you in your search for your perfect tomatoes. If you prefer to skip my endless tomato talk, which I am prone to do, just scroll down to the end for our tomato varieties.

We are growing some dwarf tomato varieties this year. They are dwarf plants that produce full sized fruit, which make them good for small spaced gardens, or if you desire to grow many varieties in limited space. They are Dwarf Garden Project varieties. An internet search will provide more information if you enjoy doing research.

There is lots of controversy between growing hybrid or heirloom tomatoes and what the difference is between them.

An heirloom tomato is an open pollinated variety that reproduces true to form from seed and has been grown for many years. Many varieties are known for their exceptional size and taste.

Hybrid tomatoes are grown by crossing two desirable varieties of tomatoes to produce an improved variety that displays good qualities from both parent varieties. A good example of that is our Genuwine tomato, which is a cross between Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine, two heirloom tomatoes. These crosses may produce tomatoes that ripen earlier, which is important in our climate, have improved flavor or disease resistance. A hybrid of two tomato varieties does not genetically modify the resulting new variety.

We grow both heirlooms and hybrids which will ripen in our area.

We recommend planting your tomato plant in a horizontal trench to enable it to form additional roots along it’s stem in the warm surface soil of your garden. Amendments can be added to the trench for improved growth. We are happy to discuss the process and will have an information sheet for you at the sale if you would like one. Be sure to protect from late frosts.

Hardening off is the process of adapting plants that have grown in somewhat sheltered conditions (under grow lights or in a greenhouse) to the harsher environment found outdoors in our gardens (intense sunlight/temperature variables/wind etc., in other words Idaho weather). This can be accomplished by gradually exposing plants to the elements for the first few days by protecting them from sun, wind and cold and gradually allowing mire exposure. We try to toughen up your plant as much as possible but care needs to be taken for the first week or so.

We try to offer varieties that will ripen in our Climate Zone 5b. Therefore, most of our varieties ripen from planting in 75 days or less. A couple varieties snuck in this year that take longer than that, which might work for you if you are growing in a greenhouse or have an exceptional micro-climate that would extend your growing season. Be aware of that - it’s no fun freezing while picking baskets of green tomatoes in close to freezing weather.

We are all aware of skyrocketing plant prices over the past few years. We don’t enjoy them either. We therefore try to keep prices affordable for you as best we can. Pricing for tomato plants this year is the same as last year - $3.00 per plant. Most tomatoes are grown in 18 ounce containers with a good root system so they will take off for you when planted.

We are often asked if we have other plants available. We do! They will be offered at various prices and degress of availability. We should (barring unforeseen circumstances) have some

Leaf lettuce packs - can mix and match varieties
Swiss Chard
Peppers - are being slow this year. Have several varieties but will see about availability when the time comes.

Petite orange marigold packs
German Ivy
Neon yellow sedum
Sempervivums (hen and chicks)

Basil - Dolce Fresca (compact and productive), Siam (exotic Asian flavor), Everleaf Emerald Towers (columnar/ornamental)
“The Best” mint
Lemon Balm
Parsley - curled and Italian plain leaf

A very productive perennial plant. We have Bocking 14 comfrey for sale this year in a couple different sizes. They do not spread invasively but are tenacious survivors where they are planted, so you will want to plant them in a sunny or part sunny location where they can live their long and healthy life. It is a perennial plant that benefits you, your livestock and your garden, a wonderful bio-accumulator that reaches deep into the soil to extract minerals for you plants. It can be added to your compost pile to give it a jump start or used as a mulch around your fruiting plants - tomatoes, peppers and eggplants love it. I add it, chopped up, into their planting holes. It can be steeped into an herbal fertilizer that benefits your fruiting garden plants. It can be made into an effective healing, external salve. Not to be taken internally. Presently have a limited supply and will be propagating more for summer availability.

come along later in the season. Look for our hosta sale advertisement most likely in late June - early July on Facebook, Nextdoor and Craigslist - or text for information at 2 zero 8 - four O 3 - 8 4 three two.

Finally!!!!! Here’s the list you have been waiting for!

Limited to stock on hand.

Indeterminate: Tomato “vine” grows through entire season until killed by frost. Fruit sets through season for a prolonged harvest.
Determinate: Tomato “bush” grows to a predetermined size then bears crop all at once to be harvested oftentimes for processing (canning, salsa, sauces etc.)
Dwarf: Indeterminate “vine” that has shorter stem length between leaves, resulting in normal sized fruit on more compact plant.

Variety / # of days to maturity from transplanting / brief description

Amish Paste / 74 / Indeterminate Heirloom Red Paste
Andiamo hybrid / 65 / Indeterminate Red Paste
Arctic Rose / 60 / Dwarf 3’ With Medium Pink Fruit
Banana Legs / 75 / Determinate, Abundant Yellow 1 1/2” x 4” Fruits Look Like Mini Bananas
Bellatrix / 68 / Determinate Hybrid Paste, Late Blight Resistant, Limited Supply
Better Boy / 75 / Indeterminate Hybrid Red Slicer
Big Green Dwarf / 70 / Dwarf, Medium To Large Green Fleshed (Rarely But Occasionally Red) Fruit
Big Juicy Hybrid / 67 / Large Red Indeterminate Slicer, Greenhouse Grower
Heirloom Black / 71 / Indeterminate Slicer, Hybrid Of Heirlooms Cherokee Purple And Carbon
Black Krim / Heirloom / 69 / Indeterminate Dark-Colored Slicer
Blueberry / 75 / Indeterminate Bi-Colored Purple And Red Cherry
Blushing Star / 75 / Hybrid Beefsteak Slicer With Heirloom Flavor, Late Blight Resistant
Boronia / 70 / 3’-4’ Dwarf, Full Sized Pink With Dark Shouldered Fruit, Slicer
Buffalosteak / 72 / Hybrid Indeterminate Red Beefsteak Slicer
Celebrity / 70 / Determinate Hybrid Red Slicer
Chadwick Cherry / 65 / Indeterminate Small Red Cherry
Cherokee Purple / 80 / Heirloom Indeterminate Slicer
Chocolate cherry / 70 / Indeterminate Cherry
Chocolate Pear / 70 / Indeterminate Small Pear
Defiant - Hybrid / 70 / Determinate Late Blight Resistant Slicer
Early girl / 60 / Indeterminate Hybrid Early Slicer
Evil Olive / 62-74 / Indeterminate Small Fruited Olive/Umber Orange Colored, Firm Texture, Great Name! Grower Favorite!
42 Day / 42 / Determinate extra Early Red Cherry
Genuwine / 72 / Indeterminate Hybrid, Heirloom Costoluto Genovese/Brandywine Cross, Red Slicer
Gobstopper / 69 / Indeterminate Cherry, Yellow With Green Flesh
Goliath Giant Early Bush / 49 (Maybe Longer) /Determinate Large Red Slicer - One of our favorites!
Green Dr.’s Cherry / 75 / Indeterminate Green Cherry
Health Kick / 72 / Hybrid Red Paste, 50% More Healthy Antioxidants!
Heinz Classic Processor / 75 / Determinate Medium Bright Red All Purpose Tomato
Independence Day / 55 / Indeterminate 2”-3” Pink Fruit, Great Tomato Flavor
Jet Setter / 64 / Improved Jet Star, Indeterminate Large Red Mild Slicer, Low Acid, Not For Canning
Jet Star / 70 / Indeterminate Large Red Mild Slicer, Low Acid, Not For Canning
LaRoma III / 76 / Determinate Disease Resistant Paste
Legend / 68 / Determinate Late Blight Resistant Red Slicer
Lemon Boy / 72 / Indeterminate Mild Yet Flavorful Disease Resistant Yellow Slicer
Loxton Lad / 70 / Dwarf, Medium-Large Orange Fruit
Matina / 58 / Indeterminate Heirloom, Small Red Fruit With Terrific Flavor. One Of Our Favorites!
Manitoba / 60-75 / Productive Determinate Medium Dark Red
Midnight Snack / 68 / Indeterminate, Black And Red Cherry, High In Healthy Antioxidants
Momotaro Or Tough Boy / 73 / Indeterminate, Complex Sweet Dark Pink Slicer, Popular In Japan
Mountain Rouge / 73 / Indeterminate, Late Blight Resistant Large Red Slicer
Mrs. Maxwell’s Big Italian / 69 / Large Red Indeterminate Heirloom Beefsteak
New Big Dwarf / 90 (May Not Ripen In Our Climate Zone - Good For Gamblers)/ Dwarf Heirloom Large Deep Pink Fruit, High Yielding 2’-4’ Plant
Old German / 75 / Indeterminate Heirloom, Large Red Orange Slicer
Pink Berkley Tie Dye / 70 / Indeterminate Slicer, Flavorful Silvery Green Striped Bi-Color, Taste Test Winner
Plum Regal / 72 / Determinate Red Paste Hybrid, Blight Resistant
Polbig / 59 / Hybrid Determinate Red Beefsteak Slicer
Principe Borghese / 78 / Determinate, Productive Small Red Grape, Dry Flesh With Few Seeds Perfect For Drying
Prudens Purple / 72 / Heirloom Large Pink
Reisetomate or Traveler Tomato / 65 / Uniquely Segmented Red Tomato, Very Limited Supply
Rugged Boy / 72 / Large Hybrid Late Blight Resistant Red Slicer
San Marzano / 80 / Indeterminate Classic Red Italian Paste Tomato
Sarandipity / 65 / Dwarf Small-Medium Chocolate With Green Stripes, Slicer
Siberian / 48 / Determinate Small Red Slicer, Extra Early
Stellar / 73 / Determinate Red Slicer, Blight Resistant
Stupice / 52 / Small Extra Early Indeterminate, Cold Tolerant Red Heirloom
Sugar Rush / 52 / Indeterminate Red Cherry, Super Sweet, Early
Sunchocola / 73 / Indeterminate Hybrid Cherry, Chocolate Brown Cousin To Sunsugar, Smoky-Sweet, One Of Our Favorites!
Sungreen / 70 / Indeterminate Lime Green Cherry
Sunsugar / 62 / Intensely Sweet And Fruity Orange Indeterminate Cherry, Our #1 Favorite!
Tasti Lee / 75 / Determinate Red Slicer, High In Lycopene
Tasmanian Chocolate / 85 / Dwarf 3’-4’ Medium-Large Mahogany Colored Fruit
Tigerella / 65-80 / Indeterminate Bi-Colored (Red/Yellow) Heirloom Slicer
Uluru Ochre / 65 / Dwarf Medium To Large Amber/Orange/Green Fruit
Wapsipinicon Peach / 78 / Indeterminate Small Yellow Fruit With Pink Tinge And Fuzzy Peach-Like Skin

Thanks for taking the time to read over our offerings. Let us know if you have any questions.


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