Gardens tilled or plowed - $75 (Rexburg and other areas)

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Are you planning a GARDEN this spring?

Gardens take more work than just putting a few seeds in the ground.

The soil and the planning and preperations are important.

I am glad to help you with your project. I have tillers and plows that can work the soil.

I can level ground, mow weeds, spray large areas for weed issues.
Also can dig holes to plant trees an bushes with compact backhoe.

Organic compost is often required for the best garden.

My tractor tiller can work that organic material into the soil.

Small gardens, up to 750 square feet , can be tilled for $50

A large garden area plowed then tilled may be $150

Free estimate, just tell me what you have.

I have traveled to distant jobs for the cost additional fuel and time, out of the Rexburg area.

Tilling only goes so deep, it makes a good seed bed, but for tomatoes and carrots and many other deep rooted plants the ground needs to be broken up and softened, deeper than a tiller works.

Starting a new garden spot? Deep plowing rolls the dead sod and other organic matter into the soil to make a richer garden soil.

To improve your garden soil, add composted material or farm cow manure. Plowing that in is also much better for the plants.

4 yards of year old cow manure delivered in a dump trailer in Rexburg area is $150.

Also soil pep 4 yards delivered is $150.
Soil pep is made from sawdust wood chips and dirt composted for a year.
I have a limited amount but willing to sell what I have.

$25 a yard for the product.
$50 for delivery in dump trailer.

Then Till for the perfect garden spot.

I am retired farmer / truck driver and like to help by using my equipment to make the job fast and easy for you.

Give me a call, Dennis


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