Axolotl salamander, Mexican Walking Fish, Water Dragons! aquarium pets - $20 (Pingree/Thomas)


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Baby axolotls, 4 months old, 4" long. Axolotls, also known as Mexican Walking Fish, Water Dragons, etc. are neotenic salamanders that remain aquatic throughout their lives. Will grow up to 8-12". Leucistic (white) variety, some with the Green Florescent Protein that makes them glow under a blacklight, some available with the desirable gold ring around the pupil in their eyes.

If you've never seen these amazing little creatures, you're missing out! Axolotls can seamlessly regenerate lost limbs, tails, gills, and even missing areas of their brains and spinal columns without a scar! (I do not condone chopping their legs off to watch them grow back.)

Allergic to cats and dogs? Need a show and tell project? Like weird little animals?

Fun, unusual pets!

Easy to care for; they eat worms (and anything else they can fit in their mouths), like cold clean water, and require fine sand substrate or bare tanks. They'll appreciate plants and caves (or a PVC pipe) to hide in.

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