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What she needs. - $100 (Idaho Falls)

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Hello, my name is Kalee. I'm SUPER sweet, but my feelings are quite fragile. I take a moment to say hello to bigger dogs, only a moment though, and freely greet those the same size as myself. I do extremely well with other dogs and cats. Kids are still a bit loud for me, but I know deep down they are lots of fun! I do want to listen, but it's hard to want to listen when mom works 6 days a week and there is no one to listen to. I need a little work to help me socialize with the big world out there! I promise that once I know everything bigger isnt going to eat me, I'll be the perfect copilot to your life!

This is Kalee, I got her at 10 weeks, and I am beginning to realize why it's most suggested to claim a puppy at 8 weeks if looking at that young. Not sure what happened in those 2 weeks, but with her face and sweet demeanor I have a feeling she got cuddled.....maybe just a bit too much. Enough to get to her head a bit. At the time when getting her, it did feel a little pressured.....for I do work 6 days a week. But the friend at the time talked me into the 2 pups for one deal, when we were really there for him to find his new service dog to be.
Have tried my very best for almost 2 months now. Works 630am to 5pm monday thru sunday is not kind to her. By the time I'm off work the daylight is gone and so is attempting to help her socialize with the world around her and the dog park. JUST sunday as a funday is horrible. I hate it as a human, can only imagine how she feels only REALLY getting out a day or two out of the 7 days a week.....
She has such a good heart, such a sweet attitude, and some extraordinary spunk when it counts! A grand cuddler at bed time, or any time really. She plays fetch and knows to release when your hand gets close to her mouth to take the toy. To sit and wait for her food until beckoned that she may eat. Still working on come and lay down. She knows potty, so just show her the door you'll being through to take her potty and she tends to get the drift. She is SMART, but she NEEDS someone who can mold that. I want to so badly! But after working 50-60 hours a week, even I only have so much patience and attention span left. I was informed she was pit, German, and greyhound mix. When promoting the folks for photos of the parents or shot records, they lacked any of that info. Honestly they unhealthy that also played a part in giving into the pressure from my friend. I didnt like the thought of them caring for puppies........
She is about almost 4 months now, not fixed yet (not in heat yet), maybe in 2 or 3 more months. Shots yes. The $100 pricing is for the puppy food, toys, collar/leash, her winter jacket,and treats JUST bought. It also covers shots and some worm/tick/flea PetGaurd packets I'll send with her too so you are prepared for the spring and summers to come. Overall pays for what is was to get her and everything provided since then (well a 4th of it lol).
Started giving her a more nutritious puppy food and have been mixing it with her old dog food for a better transition, I'll will send a few bags of her old food as well to continue to help her tummy adjust. She gets along really well with my pitty and my cat, they truly adore her actually lol and I think the cat just knows she's young so tolerates her in general haha. Dont hesitate to ask any questions.
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