Tree Removal and Landscaping Services Pay Per Task vs standard lazy hourly (Idaho Falls)

I am one-man operation dedicated to providing efficient and detail-oriented services. Here's why my approach stands out:

1. **Task-Based Payment:** I believe in paying per task completed, ensuring efficiency and giving you direct control over the entire process. Vs paying per hour the standard payment method used in this industry that favors lazy workers and long lunch breaks. Why should you have to pay more because the company you hired has a group of young talkative kids who actually spend some of the time making tik tok videos for their followers vs doing the work you hired them for. Longer lunch breaks. What drives me the most angry is how we as consumers pay for the workers to put in their equipment/ boots etc, a worker should come prepared ready to work to the job site, self preparation should not fall on the customer’s wallet to pay. I could go on this for an entire book, but this is why I believe in payment per task, vs hourly payment. It not only motivates me to be efficient, it puts you in control of the bill vs falling victim to the extra hours tacked on to a project bc the longer it takes them the more money they make . It’s a horrible problem in the industry.

2. **Direct Communication:** With pay per task, you enjoy real-time communication. If adjustments are needed, I can adapt on the spot to ensure your satisfaction.

3. **Solo Operator:** With a perfect five-star rating on Facebook, I take pride in being a one-man operation, delivering exceptional service with a personal touch. If I had ever given a less than perfect service it would be reflected in my ratings bc we all know the loudest customers are the most upset ones usually. With me only content happy customers hence my 5/5 rating with about 30 reviews.

4. **Strategic Timing:** The best time for tree removal and landscaping is right before winter to prevent storm damage and prepare for spring planting.

5. **Mulching Capability:** My capacity to chip branches up to 3 inches on-site allows me to turn them into natural, organic mulch for your use. Reducing trips to the landfill and saving you total cost. Also saves you money as you won’t ever have to go to the store to buy mulch anytime soon. Plus I have noticed a significant difference in the organic mulch I produce and use around my house vs the store bought in regards to the overall health of my garden.

6. **Forest Management:** If you have a wooded area, I specialize in managing small wood yards to minimize risks, including insect infestations and potential injuries. Dead standing trees and dead laying trees for that matter are a breeding ground for wood bugs that eventually creep closer and closer to your homes structure. Manage your wood lots for increased property value and less potential problems down the road.

7. **Sustainability:** I prioritize sustainable practices with a low environmental impact, ensuring responsible care for your property. No tractors or heavy machinery.

8. **Personal Approach:** I'm selective about the jobs I take on to provide a personal and attentive touch to each project, aiming for long-term relationships with clients.

9. **Aggressive Pricing:** My prices are competitive, and I am open to negotiation. While I may not have large, expensive machines, I guarantee quality work at a reasonable cost.

10. **Future Vision:** My goal is to build lasting relationships with clients, eventually becoming the go-to private landscaper for their properties.

Let's work together to transform your outdoor space. Contact me today to discuss your needs and get your yard looking its best!

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